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Mainstream media criticized again – this time from the left

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We hear quite a bit about the so-called mainstream media coming under fire from conservatives … but we come under fire from liberals, as well.

We have blogged, in the past, about the relationship between the mainstream media and the folks out in the blogosphere – some of whom choose to hold onto anonymity – perhaps because they are state employees who fear being "outed" for doing political work on the taxpayers' time and dime. Sometimes the relationship is good and beneficial to all …sometimes it is adversarial.

Be that as it may … an interesting – and odd – criticism was hurled, this week, by the folks at Fired Up! Missouri in a piece headlined: "How Many Embarrassing Failures Will It Take For Roy Blunt's Hometown Reporters to Press for Answers?"

Chad Livengood of the Springfield News-Leader and David Catanese of KY3-TV in Springfield are taken to task for not joining Fired Up! in its almost hourly Blunt bashing binge. Alright … it's not hourly … but it is pretty darned constant and it's hard to find a story on Fired Up! these days that isn't criticism of Roy Blunt – the Congressman from southwest Missouri. Nothing wrong with a blog on either end of the political spectrum going after one person ad nauseum … but we just might have reached the saturation point about 20 posts ago.

Anyway … one of the oddest things many of us noticed in this Fired Up! post was criticism (I guess it was criticism) as Fired Up! suggested Chad used to cover "the politics of football." I e-mailed Chad to ask what that meant … and he was baffled but suggested it might have something to do with some pieces he had written while at Central Michigan University. Whatever the case … the reference was odd and obscure to say the least … and certainly had nothing at all to do with coverage (or lack of coverage) of Roy Blunt.

Chad e-mailed me and gave me permission to use the contents of his communiques if I so desire … and I so desire:

"I find it coincidental that FiredUp would attack Catanese and I on the same day that my story about the DNR e-mails/E.Coli issue would be published and Nixon would be taking tough questions from reporters in Kansas City and Springfield."

Catanese fired back on his Twitter feed Wednesday night:

"Can't wait to see @FiredUpMissouri </FiredUpMissouri> press for answers on @ChadLivengood </ChadLivengood>'s E.coli story. Odd they aren't serving their readers on a big story."

Good point … but David and most news consumers know that Fired Up! exists as a propaganda tool – not a legitimate source of news. And there's nothing wrong with that! The point is we really shouldn't expect any partisan blog to be objective in reporting the important news stories of the day. These blogs exist to further various causes … and will report nothing that harms those various causes. Again, that is the nature of the beast – on both sides of the political spectrum – and there is nothing wrong with it.

What might not be positive is the fact that if you go to that Fired Up! post today … there is NO sign of the "politics of football" reference. It has disappeared from the blogosphere just as fiscal responsibility has disappeared from government. It's as if the reference has never existed … with no reason given as to why it was removed. Strange … very strange.

– Steve Walsh

Correction: Sean at Fired Up! Missouri was kind enough to send an e-mail inform me of an editor's note on the FU!M post regarding the "politics of football" comment.  The note explains there was a "politics of football" reference which was taken out.  Thanks to Sean for setting the record straight.

– Steve


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July 30, 2009 at 6:18 pm

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